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Noticias Birra & Blues

Beer is made from four basic ingredients: hops, barley, water and yeast. The differences between craft beer and industrial beer lie in the manufacturing processes, the qualities of the ingredients and in the formula that the master brewer has created.

Noticias Birra & Blues

The Birra & Blues craft brewery has won a medal in recognition of the best Belgian Tripel style beer of Spain at the World Beer Awards held in London, a beer competition involving over 1900 beers from 36 countries.

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The Valencian brewers of Birra & Blues present their latest creation coming straight off the alchemy of Brew master Casto Giagnorio. On this occasion, his beer number thirteen will be a Double Ipa.

Noticias Birra & Blues

On Saturday, November 12, took place the presentation of the new facilities that Birra & Blues has in the Mediterranean polygon of Massalfassar located at 12 km from the centre of Valencia. More than 500 people were present and were able to taste the new beer presented that day, made for the Spanish rock group Barón Rojo.